Indoor Gardening Endless Possibilities

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At one time a garden meant a place outside your home in the yard, or in the local park or the city’s botanic gardens.
Nowadays a garden can be anywhere, even inside your home. Indoor gardening has endless possibilities!

It all depends how far you want to go with the idea. From planting a few flower seedlings in pots to setting up your own greenhouse or conservatory, the choice is yours.

If the extent of your ambitions is to grow a few of your favorite flowers or plants indoors, that is nothing to be embarrassed about. You can spend a day or two looking around your local garden center looking for ideas. There is always so much to choose from, and if you have anything you are not sure of, then you will always find the staff very helpful.

The love of gardening, in any form, is something that is very infectious, and you will usually find that you will be able to strike up a conversation with other customers who will always be ready to pass on their experiences as well as providing some useful tips.

If your indoor gardening aspirations are a little higher, and you intend to set up, or already own a hothouse to grow plants or vegetables then you should already have a good idea of what you need to do to keep your plants alive and flourishing.

Greenhouses are a very traditional form of agriculture that have been adapted in recent times to commercial standards where cultivators reach the highest standards both in terms of yield as well as the quality of their product. There is no reason why the home gardener cannot reach the same standards and grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs for home consumption.

Establishing a greenhouse can involve reasonably heavy expenditure at the outset. In recent years the prices have fallen with the increasing use of heavy duty polythene or polystyrene in place of glass. The one thing that has to be preserved inside the greenhouse is light.

Plants need light to thrive and if there is no natural light available, the plants will fail to photo-synthesize and will not grow and may possibly die. A successful greenhouse will need to have some fairly powerful, specialized ultra-violet lighting to ensure maximum results.

Irrigation in a hothouse should also be pretty effective to make sure that the plants get their regular supplies of water and fertilizer when they need it and in exactly the right quantities.

Setting up an irrigation system, especially one where fertilizer is fed into the system in liquid form is a great investment, and one that again will bring rapid results. Many hothouse owners succeed in recycling up to 80% of the water they use, returning their investment in rapid time.

Many people get confused between a hothouse and a conservatory, yet there are some major differences. Conservatories are usually added on to the side of a house, with an entrance from inside. The purpose of a conservatory is to provide a warm place for annual plants during the time when they are open and active in the summer.

Conservatories usually have a large amount of glass to provide maximum exposure to sunlight in the summer months. In the winter the conservatory becomes more of a refuge for the plants that are outside most of the year, and where the amateur gardener can do their potting of seedlings for the coming season.

Indoor gardening can take many forms, each with its own challenges and all of them equally enjoyable.

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  1. John dickson says:

    Very nicely written. You are teaching me how to tell my story. I will soon add the words “irrigation” and “container” to my website. Thanks!

    • Gardener says:

      John – Glad it helps. You have some neat products that can really help container gardeners – so I hope others will visit your site! Thanks for dropping by –

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