Home Depot Partners With Shazam

Watching a television commercial from Home Depot today, I noticed that there was the Shazam logo on it. Shazam is an iphone app that listens to a song, then identifies the artist and name of the song. Naturally they add a link to where to buy the song.

I use Shazam all the time. In fact, 90% of the songs on my iphone came through Shazam. So it was easy to grab the phone and “listen” to the commercial.

Wow! Shazam identified the commercial, showed me the Home Depot logo, then gave me links to the How-to Videos for the item being shown on the commercial, a PDF with the instructions, and links on how to buy all related items. In fact, I’ve embedded the how-to video for you below.

This truly is a great use of technology!


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