Earthbox Staking System For Container Gardeners

If you’re a container gardener then you need to meet the EarthBox Staking System. Earthbox is a group of companies who have set themselves up with the specific purpose of providing every solution to a home gardener’s problems. If they don’t have the product to meet a home gardener’s needs, it probably doesn’t exist or you likely don’t need it.

The Earthbox system is based around their fabulous custom designed containers which take all the worry and the guesswork out of container gardening. Coming in green, terracotta or white, each container is capable of holding two cubic feet of growing media, with its own integral reservoir, capable of holding three gallons of water.

Each container is a modularly designed and sturdily constructed to withstand even the most extreme temperatures. It comes twenty nine inches long, fourteen inches wide and eleven inches high, which makes gardening possible even in tight places. Each Earthbox container can either be placed on a tray or on castors for ease of movement.

You might begin to believe that the Earthbox container gardening concept begins and ends with the box itself, but that is far from the truth. The people behind Earthbox have designed an entire package that takes care of every aspect of container gardening from the beginning to the end.

That includes aeration screens, mulch covers, as well as potting mixes, organic or otherwise, NPK fertilizer at an 8-3-5 ratio, which is ideal for the size of the container. A sack of dolomite should also be added to the soil-less potting mixture in order to lower the acidity, as well as being an important source of magnesium.

Earthbox users never need to be in the dark, as they are provided with an in-depth instruction sheet that will lead them through every stage of the planting and cultivation process.

Every vegetable garden, container based or otherwise, needs to be trained or else the plants will rapidly grow out of control without a workable form.

Earthbox has developed a full range of training devices including a very simple but highly effective staking system, which allows for the proper training of all climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers. These stakes have been designed to be totally free-standing, thus eliminating the need for trellises and cages with all the problems they can bring.

Efficient irrigation and fertilization are other factors that Earthbox has put a lot of thought into. Each container comes with its own water reservoir allowing irrigation water to be constantly re-cycled, thus minimizing waste.

Other irrigation accessories available include a water system pressure regulator and a customized water sensor to regulate the flow and maintain the levels of water in the container.

Earthbox has become a one stop online shop for all that is needed for the container garden, providing a wide range of plant treatments and repellants, irrigation accessories alongside a wide range of general gardening accessories that will make your container gardening hobby so much easier and pleasant.

Even more thoughtful of the Earthbox Company is their wide range of professional literature on every subject relating to container gardening that will not only be really helpful for the newbie, but can make an excellent gift.

In fact Earthbox offers online gift vouchers, so if you know someone who may be interested in setting up a container garden, why not help get them started? Allow them to share the pleasure of container gardening!

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