Designing a Container Garden

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When you first start to design your container garden, you need to establish whether you want to have an indoor or outdoor garden. Some think because you are going to start a container garden that you must be creating an indoor garden. However, this is not always the case. With container gardening, you can develop either an indoor or outdoor garden. Most plants will grow fine in a container.

If you decide to begin your garden outside, later, if desired, the plant can be moved without any major difficulty. If you consider the flexibility this offers you, it is an exciting benefit. If you know that there is storm on the way, you can move your plants inside until the storm passes. This is a major advantage over a traditional garden. Also, should your plants’ current location not be ideal, you can reposition the plant to find the necessary amount of sun.

Because of the mobility of your container garden, you can choose to have the garden outside if you like. Providing your potted plants have the correct balance of sun, they can thrive outside. However, make sure you have good access to the garden, this way you will more likely go there.

When you do attempt to find the best location for your plants, keep them as far from the road as possible. Consider this, car pollution drifting into your potted plants. This is not something you would like to have happen as this can damage your garden.

You might decide you want to keep your plants inside your home. If so, you will still need to pick the best possible location. Generally, plants enjoy the warmer air, so where in your house would that be? You want to consider all possibilities here, from cold air drafts in the winter, if you live in a cold climate, or cold air from the air conditioner, if you live in a warm climate. Your best choice would be a location with lots of sun.

Now, you might not have the ideal location with plenty of natural sunlight. If that is the case, then you can consider a light designed just for plants. This is not your ordinary light, that won’t get the job done.

What about the plants? Yes, which plants do we want for our Container Garden? You will have different options to consider at this point. Some gardeners like to stick to fruit and vegetable plants. If you love a particular vegetable, say tomatoes, for example, then that might be a good beginning. Later, you might decide to incorporate organically grown fruits and vegetables into your garden. Yet, get a good handle on your Container Garden before you do.

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