Container Gardening Tips To Start

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Container gardening means growing plants or even vegetables in containers instead of the earth. Think of the possibilities!  And here are some container gardening tips to get you started.

You can cover your apartment, your balcony and anywhere you want with the colour and vibrancy that only living plants can bring. You can spend some very pleasant time tending your garden, without the need to weed, haul out the lawn mower or prune the rose bushes. Container gardening can be thought of as gardening without the need for big spaces.

In order to take your first steps as a container gardener, there are a few things you need to understand. First of all, in order to achieve success with container gardening, there are some outlays involved, but fortunately, almost none are recurring expenses. You have to be choosy with the type of containers that you choose, adopting that well know modicum: “cheap is expensive”.

Buying the best plant pots for container gardening will involve a reasonable outlay, but they will last you for years. Starting off with something less expensive might sound sensible but they will eventually involve re-potting, which can endanger the plant’s roots that you have spent a long time developing.

Here are a few tips about the right containers for gardening:

All containers, regardless of size or type, must have holes drilled in the bottom for drainage.

Plastic containers are very functional, but make sure that they are made of good quality plastic that won’t crack under sunlight

Ceramic plant containers are beautiful and colorful. Don’t buy them too small as they will eventually begin to choke the plant’s roots and you will need to re-pot.

Steer clear of ceramic pots for hanging baskets as they will weigh a lot more and could be dangerous.

If you like wooden containers, make sure that they are not liable to rot, and have not been treated with creosote, which will eventually harm the plants. If you live anywhere near a winery, they will usually have barrels for sale, which they will often saw in half to make very impressive plant containers.

Once you have decided which type and how many containers you want to start your urban garden, the next important decision you will have to make is which kind of growing mixture will be the best for your new baby. Unlike planting in mother earth, you have your choices.

You should ensure that the planting mixture you use will not only allow rapid drainage but will be capable of retaining sufficient moisture around the plant roots so they will be capable of developing.

If you want to get it just right, decide which variety of plant will be going into each pot, and seek advice from an experienced grower as to which mixture best suits each plant and adjust accordingly.

These days even a container gardening novice can opt for what is known as “soil-less” potting mixture, which is purely synthetic and produces excellent results across a wide range of plants, and will also be totally weed free.

It only remains to decide which plants will do best in a container, and there is no shortage of choice. From begonias to periwinkles, geraniums to petunias, it won’t be too long before your apartment patio or balcony will be an oasis of color in the center of the city, simply because you discovered and mastered the art of container gardening.

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