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What is Female Ejaculation—and Can Every Girl Get It Done?

Intercourse scientists address whatever you’ve always wished to realize about squirting.

Feminine ejaculation has one thing of a reputation that is mythical it comes down to intimate wellness subjects. We have all concerns: Can women actually ejaculate like males? If a female can, is the fact that also normal? And exactly what arrives, anyhow? To obtain responses, we reached off to sex professionals, whom separated the fables through the facts.

precisely what is feminine ejaculation?

Quite simply, “vaginal ejaculation could be the expulsion of fluid through the urethra during sexual arousal (however necessarily orgasm),” New York–based sex educator Corinne Kai tells wellness.

Does that mean a lady can ejaculate like some guy? Well, which is why the sensation is colloquially referred to as squirting. But “what women define as ‘ejaculation’ differs widely, and there’s no accepted medical standard for qualifying as female ejaculation because of the amount or rate regarding the expulsion,” Nicole Prause, PhD, an intercourse researcher at UCLA, informs wellness.

Therefore while one girl might experience a lot more of a powerful blast of fluid, another might feel a gushing feeling. “The fluid quantity tends to vary between 30 and 150 milliliters,” claims Kai, and this can be only a drop of fluid or more much that you immerse your bedsheets. “Sometimes individuals do not also recognize they ejaculated until they move and find out a wet spot, although some can feel whenever it is occurring,” she adds. “this will depend on your own human anatomy.”

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