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Threads of Success – Empowering feamales in Latin America and all over the world


Buenos dias! Many thanks quite definitely, Mr. President and Madame Vice President.

If just I could be here with you in individual. But please be sure i am going to arrived at Colombia quickly.

I do believe in the outset of the meeting you have got expected an extremely essential concern. And it’s also the question that is right as much as Global Women’s Day: how come women’s financial empowerment essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

And I also will offer you my solution: Because women can be the pillar — las mujeres son la base — of financial development, both in Latin America, and around the globe.

Through the factory flooring to your class towards the boardroom this is the empowerment of females that may make a big difference in whether country’s future is bright or dimmed.

This may never be news to a lot of of you. Colombia happens to be a frontrunner in sex equality in the region. This nation features a tradition that is rich of women. Possibly the most well-known is Policarpa Salavarrieta, “La Pola”, as she had been understood.

Los angeles Pola ended up being just 14 whenever she assisted lead your liberty movement during the early 19 th century. A seamstress by time and a freedom fighter when the sun goes down she embodied the character for this country. And, needless to say, she ended up being the very first girl to show up on your money. So I thought it will be suitable to borrow from Los Angeles Pola today and employ the notion of weaving to explore how exactly we can strengthen window of opportunity for females both around the globe, and right here in Latin America.

1. Gender Empowerment Globally

First, the backdrop that is global. The regrettable the reality is that a lot of females and girls all over the globe face day-to-day discrimination, injustice, and lack of possibility. Consider what this implies in terms of jobs and success.

Nearly 90 nations involve some legal restriction on women’s involvement throughout the economy. 1 In parts of Latin America, and many nations all around the world, a woman’s directly to have home, get divorced, or obtain a bank-account, is restricted in lots of ways.

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