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Jake is just a good kid. He’s got a heart of silver, and it is really smart, the same as their daddy.

Additionally, exactly like their dad, he’s certainly not athletically gifted, but he attempts hard and loves soccer.

He has a couple of buddies, however they are regarding the side that is nerdy. Each is smart and do well at school. Regrettably, they’re not area of the caste that is popular. Jake appears at about 5-feet, 11-inches. He weighs about 190-pounds, but he could be muscular from exercising and football that is playing. He plays protection, it is string that is second most readily useful.

Just a little about Jerome. Jerome could be the celebrity for the group. He could be an All State Running right right Back, and has now a few scholarship provides to big style universities. He basically operates the college. The management and teachers allow him just get away with about such a thing, because he helps make the school look good.

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