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Armenian Wedding – the marriage in Aremenia includes the proposition associated traditons, engagement as well as the wedding party it self.

The proposal is arranged during the meal held when you look at the bride’s house. This tradition is recognized as “khosk-kap”.

The groom (“pessa”) arrives here with a few of their family relations and friends that are good. The member that is eldest of their household really does the proposition.

The response is provided by the elders when you look at the bride’s family members. After an answer that is positive drinks some tea.

The priest exists. He blesses the few plus the engagement rings. The place and time regarding the wedding is placed. This tradition is known as “hghe ktrel”.

For a time ahead of the wedding groom’s cousins tradionally prepare trays (“sinis”) or baskets with different fresh fruit, sweets and gifts. Among those presens may be the famous cognac that is armenian.

A band called “sazandar” performs traditional music in his home. Each individual there has red and green riboons tied up to your clothing.

In the wedding several members of the groom’s family go to the bride’s home day. They dance towards the traditional songs that are armenian on the “dhol” drum and a wind instrument called “zurna”. While dancing they show the plain things they induced trays.

The bride’s cousins get in on the dancers. They dance with all the snacks referred to as “gatas” in their arms. Then they exchange these cookies when it comes to plain things brought by the groom’s cousins.

A bride (“hars”) is in her room at the same time. Just her cousins that are female see her. The girl referred to as qavorkin and many other ladies dress the bride.

Within the past every one of those females sewn an element of the wedding gown. This tradition had been called “shordzevk”.

A normal Armenian bride wears red silk gown.

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