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If you should be concerned with any outward symptoms after using the crisis contraceptive supplement, contact your GP or talk to a nursing assistant at a intimate health clinic.

You should talk to a nurse or doctor if:

  • You think you may be expecting
  • Your period that is next is than a week later
  • Your duration is smaller or lighter than typical
  • You have got any unexpected or pain that is unusual your reduced stomach (this might be an indication of an ectopic maternity, where a fertilised egg implants outs

The emergency contraceptive capsule may connect to other medications. Included in these are:

  • The medicine that is herbal John’s Wort
  • Some medications utilized to deal with epilepsy
  • Some medications utilized to deal with HIV
  • Some medications utilized to deal with tuberculosis (TB)
  • Medicine such as for example omeprazole (an antacid) in order to make your belly less acid

EllaOne can not be used as it may not be effective if you are already taking one of these medicines.

Levonelle may nevertheless be utilized, nevertheless the dosage may prefer to be increased – your physician or pharmacist can advise about this.

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