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Container Gardening Tomatoes

If you love tomatoes and enjoy eating them year-round, you’ll enjoy growing container gardening tomatoes. And this upside-down container makes it even more fun!

In fact, I was amazed at all the different uses people have for this container. It’s not just for tomatoes any more! Click on the link and check out the various customer photos they have uploaded. You’ll be as intrigued with this as I am.

And wouldn’t it be nice to have some fresh tomatoes from your “garden” in January?

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Container Gardening Vegetables – An Introduction

First Harvest of Plum Tomatoes © by stepnout

Container gardening vegetables provide most of us the alternative to living in the countryside. After all, we have jobs to go to and big city activities that we enjoy. So container gardening becomes our best alternative.

Before we get too carried away, growing vegetables in containers does have its limitations, and the most you can hope for is to grow herbs or a few radishes, as space limitations will play a big part.

Vegetables that are generally grown in fields will continue to grow there. Anyway why would you want to grow potatoes or carrots, when you can grow exotic herbs such as rosemary, rocket or lemon grass or some exotic gourmet vegetables like silver beet or radishes or even cherry tomatoes for the very ambitious? They not only look better, they will also

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