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Container Gardening With Strawberry Pots

This is a guest article that I found particularly helpful. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

One of my favorite commercial containers is the strawberry pot. Here is a container with the capability to hold several different types of herbs, flowers or strawberries, for that matter, all in one location. As a herb pot, it can be brought inside when the weather turns cold to continue supplying fresh culinary ingredients.

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Earthbox Mini Garden

Imagine looking over and seeing this lovely garden on your kitchen or entry wall. Or maybe even your patio wall, when it’s warm enough!

I’ve had this type of mini garden on my back fence during warm weather for years, albeit in plastic bags. That’s why I was so excited about finding this more durable, all-season Terracotta EarthBox Mini Garden.

Just think – you could plant flowers as they show in the illustration. But what if you planted herbs? Or miniature vegetables? It’s really quite intriguing when you think about what you could do with this.

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Earthbox Staking System For Container Gardeners

If you’re a container gardener then you need to meet the EarthBox Staking System. Earthbox is a group of companies who have set themselves up with the specific purpose of providing every solution to a home gardener’s problems. If they don’t have the product to meet a home gardener’s needs, it probably doesn’t exist or you likely don’t need it.

The Earthbox system is based around their fabulous custom designed containers which take all the worry and the guesswork out of container gardening. Coming in green, terracotta or white, each container is capable of

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